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About Walker's

Welcome to Walker's!

The Ethel Walker School is a diverse community dedicated to scholarship, the arts, athletics, wellness and service. Walker’s offers an invaluable academic experience for girls from middle school through their secondary school years, which lasts well beyond graduation in the academic foundation built, the self-confidence developed, and the friendships forged. It is an experience and investment that lasts a lifetime.

At Walker’s, girls are engaged in a rich and challenging curriculum, which offers 18 Honors and 19 Advanced Placement courses. Small classes (the overall student-faculty ratio is 6:1) and a close community of dedicated faculty members provide a nurturing and collaborative environment in which to learn and grow.

Our athletics and arts programs are woven into this rich curriculum, providing an important sense of balance and commitment to both collaborative and individual expression. Walker’s is also home to a nationally-acclaimed equestrian program, which accommodates riders of all levels, and students have full access to enjoy the beautiful 600 acres of campus in suburban Simsbury, CT.

Walker's is a place where girls have the opportunity to develop their skills and talents as they maximize their potential. They do this in an environment created for them — an environment that honors and promotes girls' unique development. Each girl grows and matures during her time at Walker’s, emerging by the end of her senior year as a self-confident, mature young woman ready for the challenges of college and life beyond.

Who is a Walker's Girl?

Learning at Walker's does not end in the classroom. We offer an extensive array of extracurricular options for both boarding and day students to explore — leadership positions, activities and clubs — providing opportunities to discover new interests and talents outside of the classroom.

Leadership roles include serving as a house proctor, class officer, representative to the Judiciary Committee or member of the Big Seven. Students also perform school service, raise funds for worthy causes, and volunteer in the larger community.

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