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Walker's Woods

Walker's Woods The Ethel Walker School is situated on hundreds of acres of bucolic meadows, pastures, hills, bogs and wetlands. Since the purchase of this land by Ethel Walker in the early part of the 20th century, it has been used for school activity — administrative, classroom and residential buildings, playing and equestrian fields, tennis courts, organic gardens, science and nature activity. During the warmer months, classes are often held on the sprawling lawns on campus. The property was also used regularly by area residents for cross country skiing, hiking, bird watching and more. 

Walker's Woods Map
In November 2006, residents of the Town of Simsbury voted to preserve more than 300 acres of School property in perpetuity, with ratification of the arrangement in the Spring of 2007. This portion of land sits west of campus and the equestrian facility. 

In November 2014, in one of the largest acquisitions of open space by a Connecticut municipality, the Town of Simsbury closed on the purchase of this magnificent parcel of land, which will continue to be enjoyed by Walker's students and town residents for generations to come.

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