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Emotional and physical well-being are important ingredients for success in all areas of life. Our Wellness Curriculum supports the development of the skills girls need to navigate life in the 21st Century while maintaining a healthy sense of self, strong connections with others, and a commitment to global responsibilities. As a school, we value character traits of our students like honesty, respect, perseverance, confidence, courage and compassion. When character traits are integrated into daily life, all facets of life improve, including relationships with others.

Courses in this department:


Grade 6: Knowing Yourself

Grade 6

This weekly Wellness Class, required for all 6th graders, focuses on knowing oneself as a learner and friend.  Topics include study skills and learning styles.   In addition, students learn that the development of healthy self-esteem begins with self-mastery and the knowledge of one’s own strengths, competencies, and resilience.

Grade 7: Knowing Others

Grade 7

Weekly meetings of a Wellness/Life skills class continue and are required for 7th graders. Discussion broadens to include areas such as:  physical and emotional changes during adolescence; healthy boundaries in relationships; the appropriate use of technology as a communication tool and resource; dealing with stress; developing a healthy life style, and making responsible choices. Students are introduced to the practice of Mindfulness using the curriculum from Mindful Schools (mindfulschools.org).

Grade 8: Character Development and Leadership

Grade 8

This required course provides a purposeful approach to the cognitive, emotional and behavioral well being of the students. Specifically, this class will:

  • Promote components of character and leadership
  • Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Build and reinforce positive social skills
  • Help students create both short and long-term positive goals
  • Help students develop strong values and high standards
  • Ensure students understand the consequences of their actions
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