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Technology on CampusWe live in an increasingly connected, wired world. Today's Web and social media enable us to connect, communicate, and share like never before. And the devices on which we can access and contribute to the Web are growing smaller and more portable every day. Mindful of this trend, we at The Ethel Walker School wish both to empower our students to develop the skills, understanding, and self-discipline to use the Web effectively and safely while enforcing rules and limits that maximize our students' chances for academic success and overall wellness.  We therefore have implemented the following policies and programs to support students’ use of technology on campus:

  • The school’s high-speed wireless network includes Internet filter settings in accordance with CIPA (Children’s Internet Protection Act) standards.
  • Social networking sites, such as Facebook, are only available via the school’s network during non-academic hours and hours outside of Study Hall.
  • The school’s wireless network is shut down for students at night from midnight to 6:00 a.m.
  • Students’ use of mobile phones and computing devices on campus cannot be disruptive, disrespectful, or dangerous.
  • Individual teachers and coaches determine specific guidelines for use of computing devices during classes and activities.  Where the devices prove academically advantageous and present pedagogical value, teachers may elect to have students utilize them.
  • The school leads classes, seminars, and discussions with students and faculty in which we examine the positive and negative impact of today's Web on the ways we live and learn.
  • All use of computing devices should be in a safe and appropriate manner consistent with school rules, respect for personal privacy, and the values of our community.

Further details are outlined in the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy on page 22 of The Walker Book.

As technology evolves, we wish to explore its evolution, examine its impact, and ensure that we are taking every possible means to nurture in our students the wisdom, integrity, empathy, and skills necessary to thrive in today's wired world.

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