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At Walker's, serious focus on academics gives way to fun and relaxation with classmates and students from many other schools on free afternoons and weekends.

The Head of Activities, a member of the Big Seven, plans the calendar of events for the year with the advice of the Director of Activities and Dean of Students. They see to it that you can be as busy or as relaxed as you choose. The variety of opportunities reflects the diversity of our school community and the wealth of cultural, sports and entertainment centers throughout the Greater Hartford and Southern New England regions. You will find a balance of coeducational opportunities and meaningful experiences unique to the lively, close-knit and diverse community of a girls' school like Walker's.

Social Activities

Some activities are designed to link you with the world around you — like a Farmington river cleanup project for community service with boys from Avon Old Farms School, a visit from Ecuadorian artisans and musicians, or an excursion to see the Hartford Ballet perform The Nutcracker. You can fill leisure time with movie trips, Ultimate Frisbee competitions, shopping trips to Boston and Northampton, hiking expeditions and dances. Area Drive visits regional shopping centers, movie theaters and restaurants on a regular basis.

Lively on-campus events may showcase the talents of faculty and students, like student recitals and a "Fifties Night" dinner and sock hop. Of course, school traditions provide special occasions for community celebration — the "Old Girl" and "New Girl" plays and the May Day dance on Dogswood Day, among others.

While Walker's girls appreciate the opportunity to devote themselves to their schooling without the distraction of boys in the classroom, prospective students will want to know that Walker's girls can and do have a social life that includes boys! Walker's "brother" school, Avon Old Farms, is a college preparatory boarding and day school for boys located just a few miles down the road in Avon. The school is a regular stop on the Area Drive, the school-provided local transport. Students from Walker’s and Avon Old Farms often congregate at local eateries and coffee shops during free hours.

A consortium of independent schools in the region plans dances for almost every weekend, and Walker’s provides transportation to the other schools — which include South Kent, Trinity Pawling, Salisbury, Miss Porter's and Miss Hall’s — for these events, which are very well attended.

Girls are welcome to have male visitors in public areas of campus on weekends and at other times and places set forth in residential policies. 

Clubs, Organizations, and Affinity Groups

With a wide variety of organizations to choose from, students are certain to find one that matches their interests, talents or simply sparks their curiosity. All clubs and organizations are led by students, for students, with the guidance of a faculty advisor. Don't see a club of interest? Start one! The Dean of Students oversees the creation of new clubs and organizations.

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