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Upper School

Student Government

The Student Government (Senate) is comprised of these standing members: the Big 7, Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior Class Presidents; Middle School President; as well as Suns and Dials Heads. These members of the Senate are responsible for working with administrators, faculty, and other students, to insure the smooth running of the student community and its activities, and for successful communication within the community on major issues and concerns. The Senate considers proposals and refers items to faculty and administrators for final approval. All students are encouraged to attend Senate meetings. 

The Big 7 works closely with the Dean of Students regarding the various concerns of the residential and day communities, as well as extracurricular programs. Their leadership extends beyond their specific duties to include working as liaisons between students and adults throughout the School community.

The Big 7

  1. President of the Student Body
    The President of the Student Body is President of Senate and the student body. She is chair of the Big 7. In addition to working with other student leaders, the President of the Student Body runs Morning Meeting twice a week, addresses the School Community on many occasions, and often is asked to represent the School at various functions.
  2. Vice-President of the Student Body
    The Vice-President of the Student Body is responsible for conducting various School elections, and is the School’s Constitutional Advisor to the Senate. The Vice-President leads and facilitates the Proctor program, along with the Dean of Students and the School Counselor.
  3. Head of Judiciary
    The Head of Judiciary chairs the Judiciary Committee. She works closely with the Dean of Students on matters of disciplinary concern.
  4. Head of Activities
    The Head of Activities coordinates Walker's social activities, as well as those made available to Walker's students by other schools. She works closely with the Director of Activities in planning various weekend events.
  5. Head of Service
    The Head of Service is in charge of the Service Program, in which all members of the community participate. She oversees the Community Service program, working closely with the Director of Community Service to help organize all service opportunities.
  6. Senior Class President
    The Senior Class President helps organize various Senior Class events (including Commencement activities) for her class and runs all Senior class meetings, along with the Senior Class Advisor.
  7. Head of Day Students
    The Head of Day Students works closely with the Director of Day Students and coordinates any activities specifically involving day students, helps to organize procedures relevant to day students, and serves as Proctor to day students. She also acts as a liaison between the day and boarding communities, representing day students at meetings when appropriate.
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