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Ways of Giving

Walker’s alumnae, parents and friends are vital members of the Walker’s extended family. Their belief in the School's mission and the importance of the education it provides inspires many to support the institution financially. There are a number of ways to make a gift to Walker's, through various avenues and capacities. Some of these options are summarized below with additional information available as indicated.

Ways of Giving

A Gift of Cash

The simplest method of giving is an outright gift of cash. You may, of course, pledge a larger gift and make payments over a period of years. For income tax purposes, you may deduct only the amount given to the School in a particular tax year, consistent with Internal Revenue Service regulations. Gifts of cash are deductible in any tax year to an upper limit of 50 percent of your adjusted gross income. Any balance of the deduction remaining may be carried forward and deducted to similar limits in the five succeeding tax years.

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Matching Gifts - How Your Employer Can Support Your Giving

Many donors to educational institutions are able to double or even triple their gift by seeking matching gifts from their employers or from companies where they hold board positions. We are most grateful to those donors who took the extra time to contact their personnel office to see if such matching gifts are possible.  If you are making the gift online, please send in your matching gift form separately. To find out if your company has a matching gift policy, please visit our matching gift page.

A Gift of Appreciated Securities

A gift of appreciated securities, held for a minimum period of more than one year, may offer you significant tax benefits.

You will be entitled to claim a charitable contribution deduction for the full fair market value of the donated securities on the day they are delivered or transferred to the School. You will avoid all capital gains tax liability for the appreciation in value for securities transferred directly to the School.

Several years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Jones purchased one hundred shares of stock for $5,000; today those same shares have a market value of $25,000. If the Joneses sold the stock (either to make their gift to The Campaign or to reinvest), they would be required to pay a capital gains tax of $4,000 on the $20,000 of appreciation in value.

By contributing those shares directly to The Campaign, the Joneses are entitled to claim a charitable contribution deduction for the full $25,000 fair market value of the shares, and they pay no capital gains tax on the appreciation. Assuming they are in a 31 percent tax bracket, that deduction will generate a tax savings of $7,750, reducing the net cost of their gift.

Gifts of appreciated securities are deductible for tax purposes to an upper limit of 30 percent of your adjusted gross income in the year of your gift.  Any balance of the deduction remaining may be carried forward and deducted to similar limits in the succeeding five tax years. 

A Gift of Real Estate

You may prefer to fund your contribution with a gift of real estate. This may be done as a simple outright gift, where the property is given directly to the School, or as a gift with a retained "life estate." The gift with a retained life estate allows you to take advantage of the immediate tax benefits of a charitable gift even while you continue to live in and enjoy the property. Please consult the Office of Institutional Advancement for additional information about gifts of securities, life insurance, and real estate.

In-Kind Gifts

Gifts of items that the School might otherwise have to purchase are welcomed and constitute donations for tax purposes.  Examples of such in-kind gifts include consulting services, sporting equipment, artwork, books, furniture and horses for the Equestrian Center.

Planned Gifts

Donors may also choose to support Walker’s long term financial health through a planned gift, which is usually designated for the endowment, unless the donor has a specific request. The most simple planned gift is a simple bequest naming the School as a beneficiary, but other options include life insurance, life income gifts, gifts of future interest in real estate or a charitable lead trust. For more specific details, please review our Planned Giving information.

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Ethel Walker Heritage Society, which honors those who have made planned gifts to the School. The Ethel Walker Heritage Society is a critical element in the continued growth of the School as it prepares to enter its second century, since planned gifts will be designated for the School’s endowment unless the donor has a specific, alternative designation. As other schools have seen, endowment provides critical income for the financial stability and growth of the institution. These donors will be recognized in publications as members of the society and at annual events, which are being planned.

Pledge Policy

Many donors consider their gift to The Ethel Walker School through the Fund for Walker's or Centennial Campaign to be their most important philanthropic activity. Often, they wish to make a total gift that is larger than they can pay immediately.

In recognition of this generous spirit, your gift may be made payable over a period of up to five years. For example, a pledge made in 2014 should be fulfilled by 2019. We do require written and signed documentation of such pledges to count these pledges toward either the Fund for Walker's or the Centennial Campaign.

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