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Profiles in Giving

Ruth Grobe '69

Ruth Grobe '69 loved her time at Walker's and was eager to promote the School and support the new Head, Margaret Bonz, during the "One Vision, Many Voices" Campaign in 1995. With the help of the School, she purchased a life insurance policy with the School named as beneficiary. She received an immediate tax benefit and the School will receive a major gift. Life insurance is an excellent way to provide major gift support because policies can be structured with predictable annual costs for the donor and significant support for the School at the end of the life insurance term. A gift of life insurance allows you the satisfaction of making a significant contribution to the School now, without adversely affecting your cash flow.

Leslie Newman '66

In 1994, Leslie Newman '66 and Lane Morrison P'93 chaired our "One Vision, Many Voices" campaign committee. Leslie wanted to support the campaign but was not in a position to make a large gift at the time. The School helped her to structure a charitable remainder trust, where she transferred funds into a trust and received an immediate income tax deduction for a portion of her contribution to the trust. She paid no capital gains tax on appreciated assets she donated. She receives income for a term of years and when the trust ends, the principal passes to The Ethel Walker School.

Leslie says, "A charitable remainder trust is a great way to give a significant gift to the School and at the same time, benefit yourself. The income I receive from the trust is wonderful and reminds me regularly that I am also helping the School!"

Molly Darling Bell ’45

“[Walker’s provided] a very challenging education, which enabled me to go on to Bryn Mawr.  This experience helped me develop independent qualities, which influenced my future professional and personal life.  The very special legacy of Ethel Walker [a Bryn Mawr graduate] remains strong to this day.  It is exciting to return to the school, talk to some of the students, experience their enthusiasm, and appreciate the development of Walker’s and recognize its continuing influence on each ensuing generation.”

Windy Black ’03

“I can honestly say that Walker’s was a place that transformed my life.  The amazing teachers, mentors, and friends with whom I interacted in my five years enabled me to become a strong and confident individual.  I participate in the annual fund and volunteer as a Class Agent because it is my way of saying thank you to a place with which I hope to always be connected.  It also helps to ensure that Walker's remains an all-girls institution, and one that can continue to change the lives of those who come after me.  I will be eternally grateful for all of the doors Walker's has opened for me and I look forward to continuing to help this tradition.”

Terry Milka P'08

“Greater financial resources enable Walker’s to provide assistance to bright and gifted students whose family resources are not sufficient to pay the entire tuition themselves.  These [girls] are able to attend Walker’s and “raise the bar” in the classroom, bringing their talents, experiences and cultural diversity to the student body, which enriches the entire educational experience for everyone at Walker’s.”

Tisha Potter ‘55

“Walker’s changed my life.  The academics and classmates were top-notch, saving me from the hurley-burley culture of a local coed school.  I think it is important to give back to the school where my daughter and I each spent three years growing up.  It’s my school!  The icing on the cake is wonderful alumnae, parents, members of the campus community and thrill of having played a tiny part in helping to keep Walker’s there for future young women.”

Mary Beth Rettger ’81

“Walker’s was incredibly generous to me with substantial scholarships that paid for most of my education.  I am reminded daily of the benefits of that generosity, and have a goal of, over time, trying to repay the school, and make it possible for another young woman to take advantage of a similar opportunity.”

Mary Bebel Schinke ‘81

“Walker’s means more to me than any of the educational institutions I have attended.  In my three years at EWS, the material of my childhood was transformed into the foundation of the woman I have become.  I owe a great deal to Walker’s and hold the school in deep affection.”  

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