2020 Faculty and Staff Frenchie Award Winners Named

Frenchie Award Winners

Each spring, members of the faculty and staff select two individuals to receive The Frenchie Award named in honor of a former member of Walker’s staff, Frenchie Kahawaiolaa. This award is given to a member of the faculty and staff member who personify the characteristics of Frenchie who brightened our community for the forty plus years that he worked at The Ethel Walker School. “He was persistently and consistently cheerful; he always had a smile and had a pleasant word for everyone; he always had something positive to say. An encounter with Frenchie always made you feel good.”

This year’s faculty winner is Noël Grisanti! Two of Noel’s colleagues write:

“Noël is a bright spot to everybody’s day. She is a fantastic teacher and she motivates all of her students. In any conversation, Noël remains positive and enthusiastic, encouraging others to be the best version of themselves.”

“Noël radiates positivity and action. She is a thoughtful steward of her relationships with her colleagues and students and is perennially smiling. She is approachable, proactive and thoughtful in her work with others.”

This year’s staff winner is Madeline Cadwell! Two of Madeline’s colleagues write:

“Maddie spends all her time making sure that we all feel good at every event. She makes each one unique and special. She notes all our preferences and makes sure that everyone has a good time.”

“She makes our events look elegant and puts our best face forward. She maintains a level of humor and reality all in the same breath, with a smile and a wink!”

Hooray Sunray to Noël and Madeline!