Elisa Del Valle at Podium

The Equity Team

Trailblazers for a better tomorrow.

The Ethel Walker School administration and members of the community have been hard at work to ensure Walker’s is a place of belonging for each and every student, faculty, staff, alumna, and parent.

The Equity Team was founded in response to two letters; one written by the student affinity groups on campus and the other written by alumnae. Though each letter stemmed from different audiences, their goals remained the same: demanding foundational adjustments to The Ethel Walker School as we know it to ensure that the entire community of voices are heard, and considered when making decisions included, but not limited to:

  • Graduation Requirements
  • Community Dialogues
  • Faculty and Staff Professional Development
  • Creating safe spaces for students to share their experiences and concerns

Please check back to this page for updates regarding The Equity Team, meeting dates, and important announcements.

Meet The 2020-2021 Equity Team below by clicking on each profile below:

April Bolton Mwangi Headshot

April Bolton Mwangi ’00

Alumnae Representative

April Bolton Mwangi ’00

Bloomfield, CT, USA

My biggest hope for the Equity Team is to bring awareness to all of our differences and similarities. I would hope this team will be able to create new ideas on how to bring about inclusion within the school community, which can resonate through us throughout the world.  We are powerful women and united we stand.

Elisa Del Valle Cardona Headshot

Elisa Del Valle

Director of Social Justice and Inclusion

Elisa Del Valle


Simsbury, CT, USA

She | Her | Ella

My hope is that The Equity Team will serve as a collective of people working together to best serve The Ethel Walker Community as it moves forward in its work around Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice.

Being a member of The Equity Team feels like a great privilege to me. Working alongside such intentional and brilliant young people and adults brings me great excitement and strength. I am looking forward to the partnership and work with this team and the entire community to propel Walker’s forward as a leader in Justice Work.

Akira H. ’21 Headshot

Akira Marie H. ’22

Class of 2022 Representative

Akira Marie H. ’22

Hamden, CT, USA

SheHer Hers

My hope for the Equity Team is that we are able to create an environment, for students and other members of our community, where they can feel safe to ask questions and be themselves without judgement.
Princess Hyatt Headshot

Princess G. Hyatt

Full-Time Staff Representative

Princess G. Hyatt

Hartford, CT, USA

She | Her | Hers

My biggest hope as an Equity Team member is to create opportunities for Walker’s community members to strategize, implement, and foster ideas and practices that have to do with diversity, inclusion, equity, and access! Accountability, action, and change are true outcomes of this group’s work (to name a few). I am looking forward to this collaborative as it takes a village. There is no better time than now for this work! 

“You have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars, to change the world.” -Harriet Tubman

Gary Jones Headshot

Gary Jones P’21

Upper School Parent Representative

Gary Jones P’21

London, United Kingdom

He | Him | His

I hope the work of The Equity Team makes an important contribution to an ongoing conversation or dialogue at EWS regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion. For myself, I hope to “listen well” to the views of all my fellow parents and accurately represent their views to the other members of The Equity Team.

Becoming a member of The Equity Team is important to me because my family of origin is multiracial and multiethnic, as is my own family. Proudly so! As a result, if and when I can make a positive and constructive contribution to discussions of diversity, equity, and inclusion I sincerely try to do so.

Lauren K. Headshot

Lauren K. ’23

Class of 2023 Representative

Lauren K. ’23

Farmington, CT, USA

She | Her

My hope is that The Equity Team will be able to educate, and eventually make our community as inclusive and welcoming as possible.

As someone who has felt excluded or not welcomed before, I want to be able to help create an environment where people do not feel that way. It is important to me that we try to educate each other so that we can be as accepting and inclusive as possible.
Stephanie McCall Headshot

Dr. Stephanie McCall P’25

Middle School Parent Representative

Dr. Stephanie McCall P’25

New York City, NY, USA

She | Her | Hers

The Equity Team is about a collective effort to uplift difference for me. My research and teaching about gender and sexuality in education, and specifically about the complexities of curriculum in all-girls schools, matters most when the knowledge is used meaningfully towards gender equity, justice, and inclusion. Being a member of The Equity Team is important to me as an opportunity to put gender theory into action in the service of Walker’s and the girls who attend.  I have had the honor of serving as the Scholar-in-Residence for Kansas City Girls Preparatory Academy, a new public all-girls school, where we navigate the slippery terrain of theory in practice together towards increased educational access for girls. Being a member of The Equity Team advances a commitment to equity that started in my first job out of college as a teacher and Teach For America corps member in Compton, California, and has continued to the last page of my recent book, Girls, Single-Sex Schools and Postfeminist Fantasies (Routledge).

Averi R. Headshot

Averi R. ’24

Class of 2024 Representative

Averi R. ’24

Westerville, OH

She | Her | Hers
My biggest hope for The Equity Team’s impact on the school is for more students to be educated and compassionate. I think that often we all get wrapped up in our own lives and forget that there are people everywhere who are hurting and need our help in order to receive justice and liberty. I hope that the Equity Team is able to shed light on all human rights topics in hopes to cultivate an environment of intelligent and very well-educated young women who are able to make strong decisions and spark change everywhere.
Being a part of The Equity Team is important to me because I want to see change. Over the 2020 summer, I spent quite a bit of time having deep and sometimes uncomfortable conversations with my close friends and family. I saw first-hand how just talking and educating in a nurturing way can make such a huge difference. I would love to be able to contribute to the change that Walker’s is striving to make in order to create a more safe space for all students.
Kristen S. Headshot

Kristen Thalia S. ’21

Class of 2021 Representative

Kristen Thalia S. ’21

Bronx, NY, USA

She | HerElla

As a senior, I have been trying to decide what exactly I’d like to be my lasting legacy on this school that has come to feel more like a home: Ethel Walker. I’ve led clubs, written poetry, and participated in my classes, but how will I make this community better for those who remain even after I graduate? Being a member of The Equity Team allows me to create that legacy, to be one member of the first of many equity teams this school will see. I will provide not only a student’s voice, but also a woman of color’s voice to the fundamental policies of this institution. If that is not a legacy, I don’t know what is.