Robotics at Walker's

It started with a group of girls who approached a physics teacher at Walker's and said, "We want to build a robot."

Today they are called the Wirecats, and they compete internationally in FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC), which gives high school girls an international stage for exhibiting their skill in engineering. FIRST says its Robotics combines "the excitement of sport with the rigors of science and technology." Teams have strict rules, limited resources, and industrial-strength competitors.

The Wirecats' challenge is to build a robot that will compete in a game designed by the competition organizers. Teams can form alliances and share resources, even while competing against each other. This accomplishes two of FIRST's goals: Higher levels of engineering team performance, and a new type of professionalism that emphasizes collective success.

The Wirecats won their state district event in their second season and is the first all-girls team to win a New England district event. In 2016, the Wirecats became the first New England all-girls team to compete in the World Championships.

To learn more about the Wirecats, visit their website, and follow their updates on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!