College Counseling Timeline

Sophomore Year

  • Work hard in school. Position self for challenging junior year classes.
  • Take the PSAT.
  • Take admission tours at local colleges to get a sense of different options (size, setting, location, liberal arts/comprehensive, public/private, etc.)
  • Access to Naviance is provided.
  • Explore majors and careers on Naviance, ACT and College Board websites.
  • Plan for summer: Junior Project, volunteer work, internships, jobs, camps, academic programs, etc.
  • Consult TeenLife for suggestions.
  • Prepare for standardized tests. Read extensively, use the free, online Khan Academy. Consider tutors or test prep classes.

Junior Year


  • PSAT/NMSQT (required)
  • Family Weekend College Counseling Preview


  • Return of PSATs and explanation of results
  • Complete Junior Questionnaire in Family Connection
  • Register for optional SAT prep course at Walker’s
  • Look into summer programs
  • Take free practice ACT at Walker’s
  • SAT at Walker’s
  • Junior Parent Program and individual meetings for parents


  • Start Junior College Seminar
  • Define college and personal criteria and build college list
  • Compile list of colleges to visit during Spring Break


  • Spring Break – Visit colleges
  • Organize summer plans (work, internship programs, volunteer activities)


  • Prepare list of colleges to meet with during HAISSCCA (Hartford Area Independent School College Counselor Association) College Fair
  • Attend HAISCCA College Fair (required for all juniors)
  • Work on college essay
  • Meet with advisor and teachers about senior course selection
  • ACT (various locations - transportation provided)


  • Before the end of the semester, ask two teachers if they will write you a college recommendation letter, and give them the Teacher Recommendation Prompt form
  • SAT at Walker’s


  • SAT at Walker’s
  • ACT (various locations - transportation provided)
  • Research and visit colleges
  • Work on applications, including essay
  • Narrow down college list

Senior Year


  • Start senior college counseling seminar
  • Meet with college counselors to review final college list
  • Visit colleges and interview
  • ACT at various locations (transportation provided)
  • Meet with college admissions representatives at Walker’s
  • Put finishing touches on essay and supplements


  • Complete "My Colleges" (Colleges That I’m Thinking About) on Naviance and verify application list with College Counseling Office
  • SAT at Walker’s
  • Send test scores to colleges that require them: SAT (; ACT (
  • Complete applications
  • If applying for college financial aid, fill out and submit required forms (FAFSA for all colleges and the CSS Profile for some; check college website for deadlines)
  • Confirm teacher recommendation writers
  • Meet with college admissions representatives at Walker’s
  • Visit colleges, especially during fall break
  • Appointments available for parents to meet with college counselors during Family Weekend
  • Early decision (ED)/early action (EA) applicants file applications and necessary financial aid materials


  • Submit applications!
  • Visit colleges during early part of Thanksgiving break
  • Some ED and EA notifications. If accepted ED, withdraw all other applications
  • Work hard and keep grades up!


  • Attend Alumnae College Panel at Walker’s (required)
  • Submit remaining applications
  • Investigate and apply for local scholarships - see Naviance for list

February – April

  • Await admission decisions
  • Attend Accepted Students programs or arrange overnight visits
  • Notify College Counseling Office of all decisions


  • Respond to the one college you wish to attend by May 1 (regular and EA decision) with deposit. Notify others that you won’t be attending

June – August

  • Fill out and return all matriculation-related paperwork for colleges
  • Pack… and keep in touch!


  • Attend Alumnae Dessert Reception at Walker’s - as a panelist!

Recommended Testing Calendar


Junior Year:
May or June

Senior Year:
August or October


Junior Year:
Free practice test at Walker's
April or June

Senior Year:
July or September