Graduation Requirements

Subject Credits Notes
English   Students must take at least .5 credits of English each semester they are a student at Walker’s
History and Social Science 3 Three years including World History and U.S. History
Ethics .5 Must be taken either in junior or senior year
World Languages 3 Through the third year of the same language in Upper School
Mathematics 3 Through junior year including at least Algebra I, II and Geometry
Science 3 One year each: Physics, Chemistry and Biology
9th Grade Seminar   Required for 9th graders
10th Grade Seminar   Required for 10th graders
11th Grade Seminar   Required for 11th graders
12th Grade Seminar   Required for 12th graders
Arts 1.5 Three semesters of Arts. Must include at least one semester in 9th or 10th grade and at least one in 11th or 12th grade from two areas: music, visual arts, or theater
Electives 1  
Co-curriculars   Required each season (fall, winter, spring), including one team sport each academic year
Community Partnerships   Full participation in one of The Ethel Walker School’s community partnership themes per year


Junior Project