Walker’s girls are empowered to lead with integrity, courage, confidence and conviction.

Throughout your Walker’s career, you will have many opportunities to develop your leadership skills. In the process, you’ll gain self-awareness, self-esteem and a sense of responsibility to others.

Leadership is covered in a section of Junior Seminar, which focuses on developing your individual leadership style while simultaneously exposing you to global issues that need attention. You'll become a leader - either on campus, in your local community, or in the larger environment, and will focus your energy on bringing attention to a particular agenda.

Time is dedicated in the weekly schedule for leaders to meet. Students participate in leadership through the Big 7 (Upper School) and Little 4 (Middle School) student governing bodies, Student Senate, Judiciary Committee, Cicerone Society, Walker’s Activity Board, Head’s Council, Ethel Walker Athletic Council, Class Officers, Club Presidents, Team Captains and Dorm Proctors. Opportunities in the academic realm include becoming a peer tutor or teaching assistant, or volunteering in the Writing Center.