On a clear night, you can enjoy viewings of space from our state-of-the-art telescope in Walker's van Gemeren Observatory.

The Observatory interacts with classroom computers for our Astronomy courses, but you don’t need to be an Astronomy student to enjoy the facility - Walker's science teachers also host viewings to students and the local community.

Distinguishing features of the Observatory are that it is solar-powered, and is equipped with a 16-inch Meade telescope with a professional-grade optical system and a wireless link that allows for remote operation. The telescope is permanently mounted on a vibration-free steel pier, and the GPS-controlled tracking system aligns itself to the Earth's rotational axis to keep objects centered. The Meade is the best production telescope available, and automatically locates 145,000 objects in its database.

Meade telescope
The Observatory was made possible by an anonymous donation in memory of Walker’s community members Neils and Willem van Gemeren in 2006.