Back to School Checklists

Required for All Students

  1. Complete medical forms (Due July 31)
  2. Finish your summer reading and assignments
  3. Order books by viewing students’ class lists in Veracross
  4. Fill out electronic Business Office Forms (if applicable): Diddle’s Depot (School Store) and Music Instruction
  5. Update your permissions for the 2020-2021 school year – Required for Upper School only (Coming Soon)
  6. Learn about Walker’s Dress Code and order your required dress code items (see Vespers Dress)
  7. Review the Student Technology Requirements
  8. Review the list of required items for sports, dance, and riding. All students will need to take a required swim test.
  9. If you’ll be boarding a horse on campus, fill out the Horse Boarding Questionnaire
  10. COVID PCR test with a documented negative result within the ten days prior to arriving on campus. A copy of the document must be brought with you on the day of registration to be retained by the Health Center; please retain a copy for your records.
  11. Self-quarantine at home to the extent possible in the 14 days leading up to your arrival on campus, carefully limiting interactions with those beyond immediate family.
  12. Complete the required Arrival Information for the 2020-21 School Year form (Added 8/6/20)
  13. Face coverings