Student Technology Requirements

All students at The Ethel Walker School are required to have a device for their academic work. As an Apple school, we strongly recommend Apple laptops (MacBooks) for their versatility and functionality. Families are responsible for purchasing the student’s device, and students are expected to bring their device, fully charged, and in good repair, to school each day.

Acceptable laptops include: an Apple laptop (MacBook) with either of the latest operating systems (OS X 10.14 or newer). You may compare new Mac models here:

With the School’s use of such academic resources as Google Apps for Education, Apple iBooks and Amazon Kindle ebooks, digital notetaking and annotation apps, presentation and multimedia editing software, and our online student information and learning management systems, students with a MacBook will be poised to take full advantage of these tools for learning.

The student’s mobile device will put her in control of her learning and allow for seamless inquiry, collaboration, presentation, and reflection in the classroom. Her device will enable access to the wealth of digital educational resources and, with the help of her teachers and peers, empower her to strengthen her literacies, global perspective, creativity, and abilities to think critically and communicate effectively.

In addition to supporting students’ use of their mobile devices, the School remains committed to maintaining its computer labs on campus to ensure every student will have access to the processing power, cloud connections, and larger screens of desktop computers as needed.


As an Apple school, we rely on very specific ecosystems of applications and technologies that are not available in other platforms. If you have any questions or if you already own another device, please contact Director of Technology Mark Fuller at or +1-860-408-4230 if there is another device you prefer to use.

AppleCare+ is an extension of the coverage that comes with the device. In addition to extending the normal warranty from 1 to 2 years, it also adds coverage for accidental or physical damage. The cost to repair an iPad is often more than half the cost of a new device. With AppleCare+ the deductible for repair is significantly less.