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COVID-19 Information

Staying Current on COVID-19

Current COVID-19 Guidelines

as of march 22, 2022


  • All first-time visitors to campus must share with the Health Center proof of full vaccination upon initial visit.

Face coverings

  • Face coverings in all buildings and all spaces are optional.
  • Face coverings are not required for those who return after having had COVID-19 if they isolate for 10 days. (See below)
  • We reserve the right to require face masks in a particular situation or if community health conditions change.

Covid-19 Positive Cases

  • Any person testing positive for COVID-19 is required to leave campus immediately and isolate at home or with a guardian for 5 days.
    • A rapid antigen home test may be taken on day 5 after the onset of symptoms.
    • If positive, isolation for 5 more days and return to campus on day 10.
    • If negative, return to campus on day 6, wearing a mask for 5 more days.
  • The Health Center will always provide testing for symptomatic individuals.

Residence Halls

  • Masks are optional and always allowed.
  • All students, faculty, parents, and guests are allowed in dorms after March 24, 2022 with proof of full vaccination on file in the Health Center.

Abra’s Meals & Snacks

  • Eating and drinking is allowed in all non-classroom spaces. Classrooms are at teachers’ discretion
  • All students, faculty, families, and guests are permitted in Abra’s.


  • All athletic facilities are open to students, faculty, and faculty families.
  • Fully vaccinated spectators are welcome at all events.

The Ethel Walker School reserves the right to restrict campus access in response to a rising community health risk.

The Learning Environment

The learning environment at Walker’s will continue to be an energized experience for all students both in our traditional classrooms and in the outdoor classrooms on campus. For indoor classrooms, student desks will be spaced three feet apart per CDC guidelines with students and instructors required to wear masks. Outdoor classrooms will also have desks spaced three feet apart; students and instructors will not be required to wear masks in outdoor classrooms. One-way hallways will be eliminated and movement in spaces such as Diddle’s, our school store, the library and social spaces, will be less restrictive albeit with three feet of distancing where possible.

Outdoor classroom

Contact Information and Other Resources

General Concerns

Dr. Meera Viswanathan
Head of School


Elisa Del Valle
Assistant Head of School for Student Life/Director of Social Justice and Inclusion

Health Center

Joyce McIntyre
Director of Health Services

Academic Administration

Harrison Shure
Assistant Head of School and Dean of Academics

Technology/Distance Learning

Sarah Edson
Dean of Faculty and Dean of Academic Technology and Innovation


Kati Eggert
Athletic Director