Advanced English Seminar: Hamlet and Company

Upper School

Grade 11, Grade 12


Open to Grades 11-12

Credits: 0.5

Hamlet is the character in Shakespeare whose experience most aligns with being a teenager in the 21st century. He is uncertain, full of angst, has a strained relationship with his parents, an on-again-off-again romantic partner, a loyal best friend, and a lot of yet to be realized potential. We will try to get a better understanding of this character and how he might be relevant 400 years later. Students will take a deep dive into Hamlet, reading and viewing several different productions. We will also look at texts that are inspired by or that draw on Hamlet including Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard and To Be or Not to Be by Ryan North as well as a viewing of The Lion King.

Offered Spring 2024