Upper School

Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12


Credits: .5 per semester

Visual Arts courses are offered at several different levels. Students with a passion for a particular field may register for the same course over multiple semesters.

The course may be taken for a full year or single semester.

Drawing is the foundation from which we develop our visual vocabulary as we hone our observational skills. Drawing from observation or from life is a critical skill to develop for anyone wanting to quickly and visually express ideas, as it trains the eye, hand, and brain to translate the 3D form into a 2D illusion. In this multilevel class, whether taken for the first time or as continuation to further develop one’s drawing skills, students will be exposed to a variety of “dry media,” learning the necessary technical skills to communicate their ideas, while continuing to strengthen their knowledge of the elements and principles of design. Students may take this class as a repeated course in order to prepare their art portfolios for college admission.