Advanced English: Literature Of Place

Upper School

Grade 11


Open to Grade 11 with department approval

Credits: 1

In Advanced English: Literature of Place, students strive to advance the twin skills of reading and writing well, and to expand their understanding of how place can shape literature. Students will develop their public speaking skills throughout the year. Though the course focuses heavily on American literature and identity, it is not confined by it. Texts may include The Underground Railroad, The Great Gatsby, My Antonia, The Death of a Salesman, Fences, Beloved, Oryx and Crake, and The Tempest, as well as a variety of poetry and essays. A variety of writing assignments including analytical essays, personal response essays, and creative writing are supplemented by shorter, more frequent responses, often on discussion boards. Students who take Advanced English 11 will begin preparation for the AP Literature exam and will continue preparations in Advanced English 12. Students are encouraged to wait until 12th grade to take the AP Literature exam.