Public Health

Upper School

Grade 11, Grade 12


Credits: 1

In this course students will learn about public health through a multidisciplinary approach that includes epidemiology and disease, public health advocacy and the social determinants of health, environmental health, public health policy and healthcare, social and behavioral sciences, health literacy and informatics, and global health. Students will have a chance to learn about outbreak investigations, health surveillance, infectious disease, chronic disease, and the limits of epidemiology through film, case studies and public health simulations. In addition, students will also be enlightened about the social determinants of health and how inequities surrounding these factors lead to poor health outcomes for marginalized groups of people. Students will also study the current COVID-19 pandemic through multiple lenses that include a study of epidemiology, contact tracing, vaccine development, and the health inequities that exist for certain populations based on lack of access to economic stability, education, a safe environment, and the existence of systemic racism.