Junior Project

Upper School

Grade 11


Junior Project is designed to provide an opportunity for each student to pursue an in-depth study of an area of interest outside of the traditional classroom. Typically, the projects include a two-week internship and require students to keep a journal detailing their experience. Recent projects have included community service in Costa Rica, shadowing a cardiologist at a local hospital including observation of surgical procedures, developing and tracking an online marketing and sales strategy, working for a gubernatorial campaign during the fall election season, interning with a sea turtle conservation group, and coaching a youth sports program.

Students are expected to organize and plan their project, and write and submit a proposal for approval. Students research an area of interest and write a brief paper prior to their project experience and keep a daily journal during the project. The off-campus supervisor of each student evaluates her work and submits a reference letter. Students create a poster to display during the Junior Project Poster Symposium. Students prepare, rehearse, and revise a presentation about their project to be assessed by faculty members. Students have the option to give their presentation before the School community.

Junior Project grades are issued in the traditional A-F scheme and appear on the report card and transcript independent of Seminar grades. As with Seminar grades, Junior Project grades are not included in the GPA calculation.