Advanced Latin: Holding Out for a Hero: Virgil’s Aeneid

Upper School

Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

World Languages

Credits: 1

Prerequisite: Latin 3/Honors Latin 3 and department approval

Virgil’s Aeneid is the central text of Roman literature, and its hero, Aeneas, is at the center of the story. What makes a hero? What makes a leader? In this yearlong course, students explore Roman ideas of loyalty, loss and leadership through Virgil’s text. Through a study of meter, word order, poetic device and vocabulary, students grapple with the themes of love and death, war and refugees, and family and fate. Students also delve into the politics and propaganda of the Age of Augustus and explore our own relationship to empire and unwanted war. In this class, students read selections of the poem in Latin and the entire poem in English. Students express themselves through analytical essays as well as creative projects. Just as Aeneas’ Trojans had to work together to get to Rome, so too is collaboration an emphasis of this class, and students are expected – and assessed – on how well they work together.