Advanced Spanish: Contemporary Life in the Spanish-Speaking World

Upper School

Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 12

World Languages

Open to Grades 10-12

Credits: 1

Prerequisite: Spanish 5/Spanish 4/4H and department approval

Advanced Spanish is for Upper School students who have completed four previous Spanish courses, or have special permission from the Language Department. As such, the course will emphasize advanced communication and listening skills. Reading at an advanced level will consist of articles of varying topics, books, poetry, and short stories relating to contemporary themes. Writing skills will be enhanced to include personal narratives with emphasis on improved grammar, which will be an integral aspect of the course. Previously learned Spanish will be reviewed and reinforced, while advanced grammatical structures will be introduced for continued growth in presentational writing. Students will also continue to learn about the many cultures throughout the Spanish-speaking world through a global citizen lens. Prerequisite: Spanish 5/Spanish 4/4H and department approval.

Not offered 2022-23