Alexia G. ’23

Alexia G. ’23

Burlington, CT


Day Student

Involvement: EWAC, Swimming, Golf, African Drumming

“I started my first year at Walker’s in sixth grade and have always felt it was my second home. I think Cicerones are important because they are some of the first students that prospective families get to meet. When I meet new families I want to share with them why I love Walker’s so much and how it has given me so many opportunities to grow as a student, an athlete, as well as a friend. I love how supportive and close our community is and I always know someone is going to be there for me.”

What is your favorite part of your typical day at Walker’s? What do you look forward to every day?

My favorite part of my day would be either having breakfast with my friends in the morning before class or participating in after-school sports. At breakfast, I am able to eat with people that I don’t typically have classes with and get to know them better. For me, going to practice gives me the opportunity to clear my head and not worry about what assignments I have due. I am able to enjoy time with my teammates in a different environment and get to know people from every different grade.

What advice would you give an incoming Walker’s student?

I would tell an incoming student to try new things and try to go outside their comfort zone. I would tell them if they were indecisive about something to just try it — if they didn’t try it, they wouldn’t know if they would like it or not!

How do you feel you have grown since your first day at Walker’s?

When I first started Walker’s, I was scared to be alone and away from my parents and hated going outside of my comfort zone. Since I started at Walker’s, I feel that I have grown to be an independent person that can think for myself. I learned that feeling uncomfortable is how you are able to challenge yourself. When I first started in sixth grade, I was very behind in math and am now challenging myself in honors-level math courses.