Amber F. ’25

Amber F. '25

Volleyball, Basketball


Deerfield, NH

What other clubs or organizations are you a part of?

Bike Club, Card Club, Proctor, Cicerone

Why do you think it’s important for young women to hold leadership roles?

I think it is important for young women to hold leadership roles because it prepares them to take on bigger roles outside of our community. It also gives young women an opportunity to be role models and build their confidence.

What do you hope other students at Walker’s take away from your leadership on EWAC?

I hope other students will take away the idea that going outside of your comfort zone helps you grow as a student and an athlete. I hope that they take away the understanding that you can be a strong competitor and still be kind to others while showing good sportsmanship.

Who is your favorite athlete?

My favorite athlete is Stephen Curry.

What is one fun fact about you that may surprise people?

I am really good at claw machine games.