Angelina J. ’23

Angelina J. '23

Angelina J. '23

Saddle River, NJ


Boarding Student

Involvement: Black Student Union, Theater

“Hello! I’m Angelina! I entered Walker’s when I was in the ninth grade. I want to show you why Walker’s is the perfect school for a student, and all of the amazing things Walker’s does for young women.”

What advice would you give an incoming Walker’s student?

Don’t be afraid to show the real you! Walker’s is very welcoming and will love you the way you are!

How do you feel you have grown since your first day at Walker’s?

I’ve definitely grown mentally. I used to be homesick when I first got to Walker’s, and now I can’t wait to go back!

How do you think Walker’s has prepared you for your future?

Walker’s has prepared me to live on my own, clean and be self-sufficient, and manage my time. I’ll definitely be ready to live on my own when the time comes!