Bela V. ’24

Bela V. '24

Bela V. '24

West Hartford, CT


Day Student

Involvement: Co-Head of LASO, Dance, Lacrosse

“I joined Walker’s in eighth grade, so I have experienced both the Middle School and Upper School at Walker’s. I ultimately chose Walker’s because of all of the wonderful people I met, especially the Cicerones who showed me the school. My tour guides made me feel at home here, and that is what I wish to make other prospective students feel. I think what’s most important about being a Cicerone is being able to help prospective students find a new home on campus just as I did. I hope I can help to make prospective families love this campus as much as I do, and feel not only comfortable but excited to send their daughters here.”

What is your favorite class and why?

English is probably my favorite class because I can express my opinions openly. I LOVE reading and it gives me a chance to expand my favorite genres. I especially love reading Shakespeare; although it’s challenging, it’s honestly an accomplishment when you not only finish but understand the whole book!

What advice would you give to an incoming Walker’s student?

Some advice I would give to an incoming Walker’s student is to have fun and take advantage of the weekend activities. That could include going to a basketball game, going shopping, or literally anything! Spend whatever free time you have wisely because when you are a freshman you are going to have a lot. If you have the time to go to a game, go and cheer on your friends.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

I love reading in the Soc. It’s a great way to get off of my devices and forget about anything I have to do for a short period of time. It’s also a great conversation starter when someone sees what you are reading. I love talking about my current reads. It’s honestly hard for me to stop!