Catherine D. ’23

Catherine D. ’23

Burbank, CA


Boarding Student

Involvement: Justice League, Dance, Swimming, Honor Board, Big/Little Program, Science Club

“When I came to Walker’s as a ninth grade student, I was coming from a different national school system, and a whole continent away. I fell in love with our beautiful campus and impressive facilities very quickly, and the Cicerone guide who showed me and my family around was patient, fun, and knowledgeable  all representative of what I so love about our school. I want to make sure that prospective students have that same experience, whenever they visit, and I’m looking forward to sharing my home away from home with anyone curious about Walker’s!”

What is your favorite class and why?

Honors Physics with Dr. Mitchell has been my favorite class so far. That is not to say that my other classes have not been very interesting and inspiring, but this class was the one that I always looked forward to the most. Dr. Mitchell makes all of the work accessible, is so organized (which I really appreciate!), and encouraging. I came to Walker’s excited about the science program, and it has exceeded my expectations!

What advice would you give an incoming Walker’s student?

Be yourself and discover new things. This may seem simple and obvious, however, joining a new community can feel intimidating and we sometimes feel we need to adapt, tone down, or otherwise change ourselves to “fit in.” At Walker’s, we are always encouraged and empowered to bring our most authentic selves to class, sporting events, and social gatherings. We learn very quickly that we – as we are already – are what makes Walker’s such a great place. You, as you already are, will be a great and welcome addition, and we will all grow together.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of attending Walker’s?

There are many benefits to attending Walker’s, some of which include the opportunities, resources, and support system that we have. The teachers are caring and supportive, and while some courses are certainly more challenging than others, the faculty, our advisors, and our class deans work really well together to track and support our progress so we don’t get lost along the way. Many of the teachers live on campus, so our relationships extend beyond the classroom, as they become mentors in cooking, sports, and coaching! We are always encouraged to try new things, and challenge ourselves as students, athletes, leaders, and overall members of the Walker’s community.