Chloe L. ’22

Chloe L. ’22

Livingston Manor, NY


Boarding Student

Involvement: Volleyball, Tennis, Equestrian Team, and NAHS

“I came to Walker’s in 2019 as a sophomore. So far in my one year here, I have made countless friends and memories. I became a Cicerone because I want to share my amazing experiences with new families.”

What is your favorite class, and why?

My favorite class is Musical Theater taught by Ms. Hofheimer and Ms. Soule. When I decided to take this course it was only because I needed a performing arts credit on my transcript and I thought we would be studying musical theater history. I’m a person that likes the visual arts and strongly dislikes being on a stage and what I didn’t realize was that we actually had to perform on a stage in front of the class. In the beginning, I was extremely uncomfortable having to sing and dance in front of people, but throughout the semester I became more comfortable and the teachers and students were very supportive.

What is your favorite part about being a boarding student?

My favorite part about being a boarder is probably the dorm itself. I love living so close to all my friends and being able to hang out in each other’s rooms when we have free time. I also love the fact that I live on campus, so it makes everything super accessible and in walking distance. Also, if I ever forget something in my room or I have a free block during the day, I can run back to my room to get whatever I need.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

My favorite thing to do during my free time is to go to the barn. I absolutely love that the barn is just right across the road— you don’t get that at most schools. There is always someone at the barn, so sometimes during my free blocks I’ll go ride or just go to see the horses. Also, in the fall, I was playing volleyball as well as riding so I would ride during my free blocks, but that wouldn’t give me much time to spend with my horse so I would also go over after volleyball practice before dinner to groom and graze my horse with some of my friends.