Constance Lavino Bell ’48

Constance Lavino Bell '48 Athletics Hall of Fame

Constance Lavino Bell '48

Riding, Hockey, Tennis, Basketball


A graduate of the Class of 1948 and a Sun, Constance “Connie” Lavino entered Walker’s in 1945 and immediately made her impact felt athletically. A contributor to the riding program as well as interscholastic sports, Connie was a true leader. She served on the Athletic Board from 1946 until 1948 and was president of the riding association in 1948. Connie won the Walker’s athletic emblem in 1947. In addition to riding at the school, Connie played on the Suns team in field hockey, tennis, and basketball, and played interscholastically on the basketball, hockey, and lacrosse teams. She was awarded the Voorhees Cup; the Sun Basketball Cup; and the Good Hands, Good Head, Good Heart Riding Cup.

Outside of athletics, she showed her leadership as a prefect. After Walker’s, Connie continued to ride until 1953, with the arrival of the first of her six children. Later in life, she could often be found on the golf course, winning numerous weekly round robins, and achieving three holes in one at three different golf clubs. In tennis she was a favorite partner and frequent competitor in member guest tournaments. Connie’s leadership at Walker’s also continued well into her life, through multiple terms on both the Alumnae Board and the Board of Trustees. Her contributions to our Walker’s community are felt every day, with the Bell Library situated in the heart of our campus. Connie’s legacy has carried on through her family, with two daughters and two granddaughters attending Walker’s. Her daughter, Debbie Bell Spoehel ’75, served as a trustee and her son, Stuart, served as Board Chair. Granddaughter Eda “Ellie” Bell ’12 followed in her grandmother’s footsteps and became Head of Riding.