Ella M. ’24

Ella M. '24

Ella M. '24

Fairfield, CT


Boarding Student

Involvement: Soccer, Skiing, Big/Little Program, CWEALF

“I came to Walker’s as a freshman and from the second I toured in eighth grade, I knew I wanted to attend. My Cicerone spoke so highly of Walker’s that it made me feel both excited and welcomed when I first walked around. My Cicerone had a very big influence on my decision to come to Walker’s and I want to do the same for others because attending this school is now a big part of who I am! Walker’s is where I am happiest and I want to share my experiences with new students.”

What is your favorite class, and why?

My favorite class is English because I love to read. This past year I got the chance to read very interesting books and learn about things I would never read about on my own. I also love writing and really learning about the deeper meanings of books, so I love class discussions about the books we read.

What is a unique experience you’ve had at Walker’s that you didn’t think you’d be involved in when arriving at Walker’s?

Last year I got the opportunity to write a public testimony on a bill and I was able to both learn all about how a bill becomes a law and be a part of the process. I got to write a testimony on why racism should be designated as a public health crisis and establishing the commission on racial equity in public health. During the process, I got to meet new people and do research on an issue that was relevant, and see how my work made a difference.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of attending Walker’s?

I think the biggest benefit of attending Walker’s is the all-girls environment. Coming from a co-ed school, I saw a big change in how girls act when surrounded by people they feel safe with. I have noticed how confident so many girls here are and how they feel comfortable speaking up in a classroom setting.