Khaya S. ’23

Khaya S. '23

Khaya S. '23

Cromwell, CT


Day Student

Involvement: Basketball, Softball, Cross Fit

“I came to Walker’s my sophomore year. I believe being a Cicerone is important because of the good influence I believe I can put on people in regards to attending The Ethel Walker School. I aim to show prospective families how well-put together of a community we are and how much their daughters will grow and benefit by attending Walker’s.”

What advice would you give to an incoming Walker’s student?

Advice I would give to any incoming Walker’s student is to always be yourself. I know it sounds cliche, but here at Walker’s it is so easy to be yourself because of the love, support, and care than engulfs you. Try everything. There are so many activities, clubs, and weekend activities that Walker’s provides students. Sometimes you may think you wouldn’t like that particular activity, but more often than not, you’ll eventually come to find out that was the best activity you have ever been a part of.

What do you think is the biggest benefit of attending school at Walker’s?

I would say the biggest benefit of attending school at Walker’s is the academic schedule and how our days are structured. Our academic schedules are very similar to that of college students. We have lengthy classes along with lengthy free periods, which allows a lot of time to study, catch up, and rest. The schedule we follow definitely gives us a glimpse of what college will be like, which is not something many students across the world fully get the feel of before attending a college or university.

How do you feel you have grown since your first day at Walker’s?

When coming to Walker’s, I was ready to play basketball and that was all I was worried about. However, things changed and I ended up tearing my ACL and was not able to play for a year. Growing up, basketball was always a big part of my personality and how I connected with people. But for this particular year, that was not the case; I no longer had basketball to help create relationships with people. Luckily, Walker’s opened me up to learning who I was outside of basketball and how to not always rely on what you may be comfortable with.