Lily B. ’25

Lily B.

Lily B. '25

Farmington, CT


Day Student

Involvement: Equestrian Team, Field Hockey, Rock Band, Coding Club

“Hi, I am Lily! I came to Walker’s when I was entering freshman year of high school. I think being a Cicerone is important because it’s a chance for prospective students to hear a student’s perspective of the school. It’s also nice because the prospective students get to connect with people around their age and make new connections. Being a Cicerone, I want to show prospective families my view of the school and some of my favorite parts about it!”

What is your favorite class and why?

My favorite class at Walker’s would have to be math. Math has always been one of my favorite subjects but coming to Walker’s made me like math even more. This is because the teachers are really engaged in your learning and always have your best interest. Even if you don’t like the subject, the teachers try to make it as fun and engaging as possible.

What is a unique experience you’ve had at Walker’s that you didn’t think you’d be involved in when arriving at Walker’s?

One of my unique experiences that I have had at Walker’s would have to be riding. I never thought I would be a rider but when I came to Walker’s I tried riding for the first time. It is now my main sport!

What is your favorite part of your typical day at Walker’s? What do you look forward to every day?

My favorite part of my day at Walker’s would have to be going to the barn in my free time. I love saying hi to my favorite horses and seeing who I am riding for my lesson that day! I think that as a rider it’s really nice to have the barn so close.