Sarah Y. ’22

Sarah Y. ’22

Wuhan, China


Boarding Student

Involvement: Big 7 (Head of Community Partnerships), Chat-Pal Community Partnership, Head of Asian Club and Muse Club, Proctor, Peer Tutor, Equestrian

“Hi! I am Sarah, and I am originally from Wuhan, China. I entered Walker’s my freshman year as a boarding student. I wish to show you everything about my second home. I hope you will love it as much as I do after our tour!”

What is your favorite class, and why?

My favorite class is Psychology. This class opened up a door to social psychology and research for me. I love discussing the application behind many psychological phenomenons with my brilliant classmates. Each field of psychology is a lesson for me to know a bit more about how we think and act. After learning psych, I now wish to major in this field in college!

What is a unique experience you’ve had at Walker’s that you didn’t think you’d be involved in when arriving at Walker’s?

Before coming to Walker’s, I would have never imagined starting a community partnership. It sounded very distant, and I did not even know about community partnerships before I came here. However, as soon as I had the idea in mind and with help from the community partnership board, many faculty members, and friends, I was encouraged to make that elusive idea come true! Walker’s offers students tons of opportunities for leadership positions.

What is your favorite part of your typical day at Walker’s? What do you look forward to every day?

It hast to be the support students receive here at Walker’s. Walker’s is a relatively small boarding school, so everyone knows each other and every faculty member very well. I am not afraid of being vulnerable or completing things that sound challenging here because I know I have so many friends and teachers supporting me and are willing to offer help when I need it.

How do you feel you have grown since your first day at Walker’s?

I feel that no matter how hard something is, I am always willing to challenge myself. Before I came to Walker’s, I was very nervous about studying and living in a purely English-speaking environment, but students and faculty members here opened their arms and accepted me for who I am. They support me in everything, but at the same time, challenge me to do better.