Toan Huynh ’93

Toan Huynh '93

New York, NY

Partner at Baylane Capital, Independent Director at Sunlight Financial, Flagstar Bank, and Bankers Financial Group

Toan earned her Bachelor of Arts and Science from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master’s Certificate in International Relations and Comparative Economics from Kyung Hee University. A former technology founder turned investor, she is also an advisor for early-stage startups, focusing on B2B SaaS, fintech, IT Services, and enterprise technology, with experience in private equity and venture capital funds. She serves as a non-executive director for private and public boards. Toan is currently an Independent Director for both Sunlight Financial and Flagstar Bank, as well as a Partner at Baylane Capital. Toan is an avid advocate for women in technology and finance and an active investor in the North American technology ecosystem.