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Ashley Bonet

Ashley Bonet

Ashley Bonet

Middle School Science Faculty



B.S., University of Connecticut
B.A., University of Connecticut
M.P.H., University of Connecticut
M.S., Central Connecticut State University

After receiving her Master’s in Public Health from the University of Connecticut, Ashley joined Teach for America and taught in Hartford Public Schools for the last eight years as a science and STEM teacher. Ashley also served as science coach for new science teachers and taught science education courses through Teach For America and the John Hopkins Master’s program during this time. She was Teacher of the Year at Kennelly School and served on the Union Board in Hartford for two years. She is very passionate about partnering with the community and organizations to promote STEM education. She participates and encourages students to also be involved in service learning with Knox Community Gardens and the Aloha Foundation as well as works with CCSU, UCONN, TFA, CT Center for Advanced Technology and Manufacturing, LEGO, and Talcott Mountain. She additionally assisted with elementary and middle school running club, girls basketball and softball, after-school science programming, and has helped to organize and run middle school trips to Washington, DC and Vermont. Ashley has also been the STEAM Specialist and Lead Teacher for the Horizons summer program at The Ethel Walker School for the past two summers.

What other roles do you hold on campus?

Cluett Dorm Faculty, Advisor, Assistant Softball Coach, Middle School Robotics

What was it about Walker’s that made you want to work here?

Walker’s was intriguing and so empowering from my first summer at Horizons. The members of the Walker’s community were inviting, passionate, and vocal about girls’ education which drew me to seek out more information.

What was your favorite subject when you were in middle or high school? Why?

Science and social studies. I loved learning about how the body worked and what events led to where we are today.

Why did you want to go into teaching?

I wanted to inspire young people to find their passions and wanted them to figure out how to be grounded into the community in order to lead change.

What is your favorite part of the subject you teach now?

Asking questions and going through the process of collecting data to explain the current hypothesis and how they change based on new evidence.

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Walking, Zumba, and listening to music.

Notable Awards

2019 Teacher of the Year, Kennelly School
CCSU Graduate Academic Award