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We are so glad you've joined the Walker's community. We hope that this site will help you learn a little more about The Ethel Walker School, some of the main systems we use, and whom you can contact for help and support with your work here.

Walker's History

A Little History of Walker's

Ethel Walker with students

Founded in 1911 in Lakewood, New Jersey, The Ethel Walker School's first student body consisted of just 10 girls. The School quickly outgrew its first home and was moved in 1917 to its present site on the former Phelps-Dodge estate in Simsbury, Connecticut. In 1991, Walker’s added the Middle School for grades six through eight, extending Ethel Walker's vision to benefit girls during these formative years. Ethel Walker was a Bryn Mawr graduate whose vision of a changing world for women inspired her to create a school where young women would receive a rigorous preparation for college and create the foundation for lifelong learning and intellectual curiosity. This commitment to a challenging academic program strongly resonates among today’s faculty and remains central to the Walker’s mission. Read More

Centennial Reflections: A Celebration of 100 Years

Walker's Words

The below words are unique to our community and are important to know before coming to Walker's:

  • Abra's: Our dining hall where all meals are served. Some special events are held here as well.
  • Area Drive: A weekend activity that provides transportation to local shopping centers, restaurants, and movie theaters.
  • Beaver Brook: "BB" for short, Beaver Brook houses most academic classes and is the main building on campus.
  • Big Ferg: This is the main theater on campus. Musicals, plays, concerts, and dance performances take place here.
  • Chapel: Our Chapel is non-denominational and is where the entire school gathers for Morning Meeting, Wednesday assemblies and other special events.
  • Cluett: A dorm that typically houses 11th and 12th graders.
  • Cluett Pit: Located in the Cluett Dorm, it is a place to hang out and relax.
  • Diddle's: The school store where you can buy snacks, clothes, school supplies, and also receive packages.
  • Dogswood Day: Dogswood Day is a culmination of a year of Suns and Dials activity. The Head of School announced Dogswood Day the evening before; students are given the day off from classes and participate in competitive games, ending with the Suns and Dials tug of war.
  • D.O.S.: This stands for "Dean of Students." Some of the administrative offices are located here.
  • Little Ferg: This is our smaller theater on campus. The winter play, guest speakers, and some classes use this space.
  • Morning Meeting: Morning Meeting takes places on Monday and Friday mornings. It is a time for all members of the community to share announcements. We sit by advisor group.
  • Mountain Day: Each fall, the Head of School surprises students with the announcement that Mountain Day will occur the following day. Students and faculty climb a challenging trail up nearby Talcott Mountain to the top, for a view that stretches hundreds of miles.
  • The New Dorm: The newest dorm on campus typically houses 9th and 10th graders. Some special events are held here as well.
  • PowerSchool (Haiku): Another website that students use. Various classes use the site to post assignments and turn in work.
  • Smith: A dorm that typically houses 9th and 10th graders.
  • Soc: Pronounced "soe-sh," it is an area in the Centennial Center to hang out with friends and have fun.
  • Suns and Dials: These are our spirit groups. There are small contests throughout the year, ending with the biggest competition, Dogswood Day.
  • Toasters: Small buses that transport students to sports games, weekend activities, and area drive.
  • Veracross: A website that all students use. It provides important information such as classes, assignments, and the directory.

Overview of Technology Systems

Overview of Walker's Main Tech Platforms/Systems

Google Apps for Education

Google Apps for EducationWe are a Google Apps school. Faculty, staff, and students communicate, collaborate, and create using Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, etc.

Computing Devices

Apple laptop or iPadStudents are required to own one of two computing devices: an Apple laptop OR an iPad. Most of our students also own smartphones. Your classroom is your jurisdiction when it comes to technology use. High-tech, low-tech, and no-tech activities are welcome.


Veracross teacher portal

Veracross is our student information system. Veracross enables us to be transparent with families about assignments and student progress. It also helps us to maintain important information about every student. Through the Veracross teacher portal, you will be able to post assignments, comments, and grades. Students will check in (at least) daily to stay on top of their classwork and teacher feedback. There’s also a “Memorize Names” game to help you remember students’ names and faces.

Here is the link where you can log in:

PowerSchool Learning

PowerSchool LearningPowerSchool Learning (formerly called HaikuLearning) is our Learning Management System. This system enables students to create and showcase project work online. Students can easily access online learning resources (e.g., posted video clips, images, Google docs, etc.) and take part in discussion threads and develop wikipages (editable web pages/digital posters) to show and share their learning.


TurnItIn softwareThe School subscribes to TurnItIn, software that allows teachers to guide students in learning about academic integrity, proper citation, plagiarism, revision, grammar, and syntax.

Google Apps for Education

Get up & running with Google Apps for Education

Logging into your EWS Google Account:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username [] For example, Betsy Ross would log in as
    • Note: The "my" in your email address is only necessary when you log in. When telling others how to contact you, you may give them your email address without the "my" (e.g.,
  3. Enter the password you receive from our IT Department. (You will likely be prompted to change the password to something you can remember.)

At our in-person New Faculty Orientation in late August, we will go over detailed tips and tricks for our suite of Google Apps. In the meantime, here is how you can explore your Google apps in advance:

  • To access your Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, etc. click on the cluster of mini squares in the upper-right corner:

Google Apps for Education

If you are brand new to Google Apps, feel free to reach out to Sarah Edson ( over the summer for some additional help. Otherwise, you will have time to sit down one-on-one or in small groups before the start of the school year to ensure you are comfortable using the key features of Google Apps for Education.

Get Started with Veracross

Get started with Veracross (student information system)

Accessing Veracross

Veracross is our Student Information System. This is what we use to manage assignments, grades, attendance, etc.

Log in at with the login ID and password you created through instructions sent via email.

Veracross log in screen

Your home page will show your class list.

Veracross home page

In Your Teacher Portal

Please note: All of these items are subject to change.

  • Your current classes are listed here. Click on each class to see your class list.

To find:

  • Your second semester classes - click on "future" on the left side of the page
  • Your teams - click on "teams" on the left side of the page
  • Your schedule - click on "My schedule (M-F)"

Posting Books to Veracross

Adding Book Listings to Class Websites in Veracross 2017-2018

  1. Log in to the Teacher portal of Veracross:
  2. Beneath a class name, hover over the “Website” drop-down menu and click on “Manage Website

    Veracross Portal
  3. Click on “pages” in the menu bar toward the top
    Veracross portal

  4. Next, click on the green “+New Page” button to add a new page
    Veracross portal

  5. Enter “Books and Resources” as the Page Title and then click Continue to Editor
    *It’s important that you name the page Books and Resources so students can easily find their book info for each class within Veracross.
    Veracross New Page

  6. Hover over the “Text” section block in the right column and drag it to the center of the page where it says, “Drag Sections Blocks Here”
    Veracross Add Section
  7. Click on the default text block that appears in the center. An editable text block will appear on the lower-right side of your window. (As you type on the right, you’ll see the changes reflected in the center of the screen.)
    Veracross edit text block
    You can add instructions for your students on what book(s) to purchase, if any. You may add the title, author, ISBN, a link to Amazon or iBooks, and/or a suggestion to compare prices. Sample boilerplate language is below.Students will need the following book:
    Brown Algebra Structure and Method, Book 1 "The Classic" (ISBN: 0395977223; ISBN13: 9780395977224)
    You may shop for a print copy at or another bookseller in order to find the best deal.
    Students should get the following e-book:
    Biology (National Edition) by Miller, Levine; published by Pearson
    It is available for direct purchase through Apple here: icon for adding a link to an external website is circled in red in the screenshot below. Clicking that gives you a box where you can paste the web address and add what text you want to appear as your link. (We recommend that you check the box in the pop-up that appears so the link you add opens in a new tab. This way students don’t lose the Veracross page they were on.)

    Veracross add external link
    If students do not need to purchase or download a book for your class, please add a simple message to let them know.

  8. When you've finished adding your instructions and/or book listings, click the green “Done” button in the upper-right corner.
    Veracross Done button

  9. Lastly, click the green “Publish” button in the upper-left corner to make the page visible to your students. A pop-up window will ask you to click Publish once more.
    Veracross publish button
  10. You’re finished! To preview what your students will see, you may click on the “view class website” link in the upper-right corner.
    Veracross view class website

Contact Us

Have questions? Here's a contact list of people who can help:

Dean of Students Office

Kathleen McNary Pillsbury, Dean of Students and Director of Residential Life,
Nishette Isaac, Assistant Dean of Students, +1-860-408-4324,
Mallory Pasquariello, Administrative Assistant, +1-860-408-4237,

Registrar/Scheduling/Student Records

Susan Riggles, Registrar, +1-860-408-4235,

Academic Administration

John Monagan, Dean of Studies, +1-860-408-4221,


Robert Dawson, IT Helpdesk Support,

Health/Learning Services

Joyce McIntyre, School Nurse, +1-860-408-4289,
Joan Skelley, School Counselor, +1-860-408-4284,
Mary Beth Conley, Academic Support Coordinator, +1-860-408-4283,

Business Office

Greg Jandreau, CFO, +1-860-408-4241,
Deb Palazzolo, Student Billing, +1-860-408-4242,


Kati Eggert, Athletic Director, +1-860-408-4290,
Mimi Duran, Assistant Athletic Director, +1-860-408-4294,


Linda Langmeier, Director of Riding and Head Trainer, +1-860-377-1386,
Jo Seaver, Senior Trainer, +1-860-573-5496,
Randi Booth, Assistant Director of Riding/Riding Instructor, +1-860-408-4360,