Kati Eggert (V Softball)

Kati Eggert

Assistant Coach



B.A., Drew University, Art and Secondary Education
M.S., Southern New Hampshire University, Sports Management

Kati Eggert began working at The Ethel Walker School in the summer of 2018. She has coached varsity and JV softball for nine years. Coach Eggert played softball for Morris Knolls High School in Rockaway, NJ before her collegiate career at Drew University. She specialized in middle infield while at Drew. Outside of coaching softball, Coach Eggert serves as the athletic director, aquatics director and varsity head swim coach, and is a Middle School advisor.

What was it about The Ethel Walker School that made you want to work here?

It is evident that Walker’s student spirit is contagiously and continuously high. The students bring energy in the classroom and on the fields and courts and in the pool. They’re engaged and motivated and inspiring, and it brings out the best in our teachers, coaches, and administrators. The all-round quality of girls is multiplied when they come together in their classes and on their teams and are always aiming for more to become better with each opportunity.

If you were to give advice to an incoming Walker’s student, what would it be?

The girls enrolled at Walker’s are girls who, like our mission statement says, want to lead with confidence. Our girls have integrity. Our girls value honor and excellence in all areas. My advice to new students is to engage with as many of your schoolmates as possible to witness this confidence and excellence across the entire community. Go beyond the limits of your grade, classes, team, and clubs, and try to meet and really get to know as many of the girls as you can so your sisterhood can reach beyond the friendships you form based on initial commonalities and interests. Branch out; explore, be all of the you who you want to be.

What advice would you give to a graduating Walker’s senior?

To our graduating Walker’s seniors, my advice is always to stay connected with your home at Walker’s. Keep in touch with your Walker’s sisters about all the amazing things you’re doing. Share with your teachers all of the challenges you’re facing and achievements you’ve made. Your experiences will inspire the class that comes after you and for years after you leave your mark on Walker’s. The connections you’ve made will always be strong; your legacy you leave will stay alive as you continue to be brave in college and in your careers as you try new things, jump even bigger hurdles, and accomplish the unimaginable. Keep being the you who you want to be.

What is the most rewarding thing about working at Walker’s?

One of the most rewarding parts about working at Walker’s is easily the interactions with our students. Our students don’t settle. They strive for making an impact in every action taken, and they don’t apologize for trying, because they always give their best in order to grow and improve. The girls are unapologetically themselves. They are brave and raw and eager for the next challenge.

What other roles do you hold on campus?

Aquatics Director, Head Varsity Swim Coach, Assistant Varsity Softball Coach, and Middle School Advisor