Mimi Duran P’18 (MS Basketball)

Mimi Duran

Mimi Duran P'18

Assistant Coach



Mimi Duran has 30 years of coaching experience in independent and public schools and holds a Connecticut Coaching Certification. She has coached, organized, and led town basketball leagues and tournaments. She began coaching middle school basketball in the winter of 2008-2009.  Since then the team has found much success which includes three undefeated seasons, winning the Mooreland Hill Basketball Tournament, and receiving the Sportsmanship Award at the same tournament, as voted by coaches participating in the tournament.

Coach Duran believes that participation and skill-building are the keys to a successful middle school team. Emphasis is given to facilitating team relationships, which is the foundation for a social and emotional learning environment. The athletes learn to appreciate teamwork and understand that hard work and perseverance lead to success. The players learn how to work with coaches and to respect referees, opponents, peers, and themselves.

Coach Duran is also Varsity Field Hockey Coach and Associate Athletic Director. She holds a Master’s degree in Professional Sports Management from Georgetown University.