Annual Fund for Walker's

Tuition alone does not cover the cost of a Walker’s education.

What is the Annual Fund for Walker's?

The Annual Fund for Walker’s pays for many types of expenses throughout the year. Gifts to the Annual Fund for Walker's supplement the School's operating budget. Like most independent schools, gifts to the School's annual giving program ensure that we can attract and retain exceptional faculty by helping to fund teacher salaries and professional development. The Annual Fund for Walker's, our school's annual giving program, also pays for bus trips for student events and activities, staging for theater productions, and sporting equipment. Simple but essential things such as light bulbs, hot water, campus maintenance, and heating fuel are other examples of expenses that are offset by the Fund for Walker’s.

How do gifts to the Annual Fund for Walker's help the students?

The Annual Fund for Walker's is a critical component of the School's operating budget and it helps close the gap between the true cost of a Walker’s education and the revenue generated from tuition and endowment interest. In fact, in fiscal year 2015, tuition and endowment revenue only covered 51% of the cost to educate our students. This revenue gap isn't unique to Walker’s – it exists at virtually every independent school – as does the community funding that helps to close it every year.

When you participate in the Annual Fund for Walker’s, you participate in the financial success of the School, and contribute to the positive experience and well-being of our students.

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Frequently Asked Questions

"From my stellar education to lifelong friendships, I will always be indebted to The Ethel Walker School. You are forever a part of the Walker’s community and EWS is forever a part of you."
- Katherine Hypolite '04

“I give and will continue to give to the school I love so well because I would like students of Walker’s to enjoy it as much as I did. The Ethel Walker School gave me some of the best experiences and memories of my life and I would like today’s students to find their own happy memories. Wherever the money goes, whether it is to help pay great teachers, better the facilities, or travel for sporting events, my only wish is that students love attending Walker’s as much as I did."
- Tamara Baroody '99