Walker's Middle School

Walker’s Middle School is a private day school for students in grades six through eight. As the only all-girls middle school in central Connecticut, we attract families from as far away as the New Haven area, Litchfield County, and the Glastonbury/Hebron area.

A Sense of Wonder

“Wonder” - the ability to be fascinated - allows intellectual development to reach new levels. The Middle School curriculum preserves the “Wow” factor that keeps minds open and engaged.


“What if…” is one of the most valuable questions we teach girls to ask. It means they are rethinking what is possible. By teaching traditional content areas in non-traditional ways, we dare students to imagine.


Walker’s Middle School sets the tone and the trajectory for an amazing experience in Upper School, where girls take their education higher, farther, and deeper.

Warm Community

The sense of solidarity and sisterhood is ultimately what makes the Middle School so effective as a place of learning. In an environment free from the pressures and preoccupations that often exist in co-ed schools, girls can be themselves.

Walker's Middle School

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An Environment That’s Right for Girls

Middle School

Girls in their adolescent years build confidence and capabilities when they feel connected to larger ideas. It catalyzes their thinking and their strengths, individually and collectively. The principles we seek to establish in the Middle School are based on four main ideas including a sense of wonder, possibility, and preparedness within a warm, supportive community.

Why Walker's?

Reaching Beyond Academics

Middle School Science

Math, science, history, English, creative arts, and world languages (Latin, Spanish, Mandarin or French) are the core of the Middle School curriculum. Hands-on learning is used extensively to build engagement and enhance skills. But alongside academics, we teach wellness, study skills, and community service to instill a sense of confidence and personal balance.

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An Integral Part of the Walker’s Community

Middle and Upper Schooler

Walker’s Middle School is located next door to the Upper School, so girls from both schools spend time together every day. They participate in school traditions and meetings, and form friendships. These things emerge naturally from the shared sense of a single, caring community, but the Middle School is its own learning environment.

Student Life at Walker's

Outdoor Classrooms

At Walker’s, learning, exploration and collaboration continue beyond the confines of a traditional classroom. Classes often make their way outside in nice weather, where you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore hands-on learning.



Walker's apiary began as a proposal in 2013 by Environmental Science students concerned about the damaging effects colony collapse disorder has on the global bee population and agriculture at large. Students in the sixth grade Ecology class were the apiary's first visitors in 2014, and the apiary is incorporated into several aspects of Walker’s curriculum. Professional beekeeper and Walker's parent Gilman Mucaj P'21 helps to maintain the beehives.



Walker’s Middle School Garden Club maintains an organic community garden. Our students’ responsibilities include harvesting and cooking produce grown in the garden, collecting compost from meals in our dining hall for the garden’s soil, and going on fieldtrips to learn more about the benefits of gardening. The garden’s produce is later cooked, sold, or donated to local food banks.

For detailed information about our programs or to plan a visit, contact our Admission Office at admission@ethelwalker.org or (860) 408-4200.