Fall Athletic Awards Announced
Fall Athletic Awards Announced

Read more for the fall field hockey, soccer, cross country and volleyball awards given to noted players during the fall sports award ceremonies this year. Congratulations to all athletes on a great season!

Varsity Field Hockey

Most Outstanding Player: Kathryn Mason '21

Most Improved Player: Mollie Morrison '20

Coaches' Award: Ava Rivera '20

Western New England Preparatory School Field Hockey Association (WNEPSFHA) All-Stars:
Ava Rivera '20, Kathryn Mason '21

Founders League All-League: Ava Rivera '20, Kathryn Mason '21, Ellie Brothers '22 (Honorable Mention)

New England Preparatory School Athletic Council (NEPSAC) All-Tournament Selections:
Ava Rivera '20, Kathryn Mason '21, Ellie Brothers '22, Ava Calma '22 (Honorable Mention), Kalisa Fontanella '22 (Honorable Mention)

National Field Hockey Association All-Academic Squad: Lauren Cleaver '20, Lily Cullen '20, Kitty Huang '20, Kathrin Ludz '20, Ava Rivera '20, Kathryn Mason '21

JV Field Hockey

Most Valuable Player: McKenzie Connors '21

Most Improved Player: Catherine Chapel '24

Coaches' Award: Becky Williams '20

Varsity Soccer

Golden Boot Award: Alaina Vermilya '20, Olivia Webster '21

Coaches' Award: Reagan Kerecz '20

Western New England Preparatory School Soccer Association (WNEPSSA) All-Star:
Alaina Vermilya '20, Olivia Webster '21, Lizzy Strapp '21

All NEPSAC: Alaina Vermilya '20, Olivia Webster '21

New England Preparatory School Women's Soccer Association (NEPSWSA) Junior All-Star Game:
Ava Strohmeyer '21, Olivia Webster '21

JV Soccer

Most Valuable Player: Ku Paw '22

Most Improved Player: Susana Alonso '22

Coaches' Award: Allison Wall '22

Varsity Cross Country

Most Valuable Player: Madi Knapp '21

Most Improved Player: Susannah Potts '22

Coaches' Award: Hailey Nims '22

Founders League All-League: Madi Knapp '21

NEPSAC All-Star: Madi Knapp '21

Varsity Volleyball

Most Valuable Player: Olivia Steber '21

Most Improved Player: Annalissa Santana '23

Coaches' Award: Brianna Vega '20

JV Volleyball

Most Valuable Player: Kayce Campurciani '24

Most Improved Player: Mya Dover-John '21

Coaches' Award: Akira Hippolyte '22

Thirds Volleyball

Most Valuable Player: Emily Ness '24

Most Improved Player: Nyla Gilliam '22

Coaches' Award: Ploy Rucha-Intra '20