Family Weekend: None but Golden Hours
Family Weekend: None but Golden Hours

By Kim Harris Thacker

Blustery winds and the heavy rain of the season's first nor'easter did nothing to dampen the spirits of those who participated in Walker's 2018 Family Weekend. In the words of Head of School Dr. Meera Viswanathan, or Ms. Vis as she is known to the students, "Family Weekend gives the families of Walker's students a snapshot of what the students do at school." Snapshot indeed, as in a matter of two days, families attended all of their student's classes and met for individual conferences with teachers. "Connecting with the parents and seeing the students interacting with their parents is the best thing about Family Weekend," said Middle School Director Lee-Ann Harris, who also teaches math. During chapel on Saturday, Harris was awarded the Anastasia Payne Rooke '48 Chair which is awarded to an outstanding faculty member in the areas of science, math and technology.

Colleen Magnus '20, mother of Quinn, said, "This is a really warm place, but it's also challenging, which I like. I was an English teacher, and I've been so impressed with the quality of teaching here. The academics are serious, but I love that Quinn can also relax."

Relaxation and fun times were abundant during Family Weekend. Darrell Carrington, who has taught math at Walker's for 37 years, said, "Parents Weekend is like the Super Bowl to me. I look forward to it every year." And really, what could a person look forward to more than a special Halloween Ride that featured a hammerhead shark on horseback or a clubs Bazaar where shoppers purchased edible dirt made by budding gardeners?

It's true that the weekend's poor weather prevented the scheduled Tailgate Party and field hockey games, but it worked out well in the end: The volleyball teams enjoyed an extra-large crowd for their games in the Centennial Center gym.

All in all, the school's Latin motto, "Nullas Horas Nisi Aureas" — "None but Golden Hours" — perfectly summarizes Family Weekend, which, despite the storm, was absolutely golden.