February 2020 Equestrian Update
February 2020 Equestrian Update

Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF)

Juniors Ava Strohmeyer '21 and Janet Hedges '21 and sophomores Chloe Lewis '22, Maddie Mohler '22, and Lily Ridgley '22 will all be competing in the Winter Equestrian Festival (WEF) in Wellington, Florida.

IEA Regionals

Both Upper School and Middle School teams have qualified for IEA Regionals, which will be hosted by Walker's on February 23. Individual qualifications are as follows:

Varsity Open Fences:
Janet Hedges '21
Julia Luciani '20
Eva Mazzola '21

Varsity Open Flat:
Erin Coghlan
Janet Hedges '21
Eva Mazzola '21

Variety Intermediate Fences:
Quinn Bailey '21

Varsity Intermediate Flat:
Quinn Bailey '21
Grace Merselis '23
Lily Ridgley '22
Skyla White '23

JV Novice Fences:
Chloe Lewis '22

JV Novice Flat:
Chloe Lewis '22
Quinn Van Cara '23

JV Beginner WTC:
Kate Samson '23

Future Intermediate Fences and Flat:
Chloe Fares '24
Grace Sappington '24

Future Novice Flat:
Yujean Kim '26

Future Novice Fences:
Anngelina Morton '25

Future Beginner WTC:
Emma Edelman '26
Nellie Kenney '25
Justine Murray '24

Gulf Coast Winter Classic

Freshwoman Skyla White '23 is traveling to Gulfport, Mississippi to compete in the Gulf Coast Winter Classic.