From the College Counseling Office
From the College Counseling Office

Class of 2018

College Decisions: Congratulations to our seniors on all of the great news they have received from colleges regarding offers of admission and scholarships! We recognize that not all of the news has been good as colleges have reported large increases in applications and student qualifications again this year. Many students have received waitlist offers and we have encouraged those students to come see us for advice on responding to those offers. As a reminder, students must notify colleges of their decisions by May 1 using the response mechanism provided (usually an electronic form). They may send a deposit to only one college. Seniors who still have college days to use may pick up a College Visit Form from the College Counseling Office if needed in order to visit or revisit colleges as they try to make their decisions. We are happy to help students and parents evaluate their options, including their financial aid offers. Please don't hesitate to contact us:

Clarissa Basch
Director of College Counseling

Nikki Manderlink
College Counselor

Scholarships: We continue to update our Naviance list with scholarships for which seniors may apply. Two recently received ones include the CarterCares Scholarship, as well as the 2018 Robert T. Kenney Scholarship Program at the American Savings Foundation.

Class of 2019

It was great to talk with the many juniors who visited colleges during spring break! April is also a wonderful time for college visits, and students are encouraged to make use of the long spring weekend at the end of the month, as well as any remaining college visit days they have left.

May 5 SAT: The registration deadline for the May 5 SAT (at Walker's) is April 6. Students are responsible for their own registration and have been provided instructions for accessing the College Board website ( and signing up. They may need your help paying for it as they will need a credit card for the online registration. As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

College Now - University of Hartford: Qualified seniors (those with grades in the A-B range and with SATs no lower than 500 on each section) may take a course at the University of Hartford and only pay the $124 registration/technology fee. Applications are due April 6. Course information is available online at To access it, click on "Self-Service" at the top of the page, then on "View and Search Class Schedule." Enter the criteria for college, courses, days, and/or times and click "Get Classes." College Now students should select courses only from the College of Arts and Sciences. Students may pick up applications in the College Counseling Office.