Panamanian Alumnae Host Walker's Women in the World Event
Panamanian Alumnae Host Walker's Women in the World Event

From March 8-12, a group of Walker's alumnae were treated to incredible hospitality from our alumnae and parents in Panama for our first Walker's Women in the World event. Watch for more of these events to come!

Following a welcome reception hosted by Maribel Heilbron P'03, mother of Daniela Diaz de Moses '03, we journeyed to the mountains where hosts Yolanda Eleta de Varela '81 and Ximena Eleta de Sierra '83 and their mother, Graciela Quelquejeu de Chapman P'80, '81, '83 (who graciously gave us a tour of the Museum of Contemporary Art upon our return to Panama City) hosted an array of activities for us to experience the natural beauty of their country. A sunset bike ride, an ornithologist-led hike at The Canopy Lodge, coffee and rum tastings were interspersed between reminiscing about fond memories from Walker's, the impact of their experience and dynamic conversations with Head of School Meera Viswanathan about her vision and ways in which our graduates are helping to shape our future. Back in the city, the Henriquez sisters (Caterina '91, Gioconda '92, Alexandra '97 and Carolina '03) along with their mother Kathy Henriquez P'91, '92, '97, '03, and Aidalis Porras '92 hosted us for a delightful dinner, with Caterina '91 also organizing our first Walker's admissions reception there in years. This inaugural Walker's Women in the World gathering was a powerful and affirming experience for all, allowing 30 women to connect with each other and the School. Let us know if you are interested in future gatherings and where you think we should travel to next!

Marion Paterson P'17, '19
Director of Alumnae Relations

Participants: Trustee Cecily Chilton Matthai '77, Marisia Jimenez '79, Gizella "Anne" Callender Crawford '81, Yolanda Eleta de Varela '81, Veronica "Roni" Leger '81, Trustee Shelley Marks '81, Motria Procyk '81, Pam Safford '81, Mary Bebel Schinke '81, Amy Storrow '81, Emily Eckelberry Johnson '82, Rocio Pellerano '82, Tracey Reifler '82, Trustee Kit O'Brien Rohn '82, Cynthia Vega '82, Ximena Eleta de Sierra '83, Ana Duran '83, Carrie O'Brien Thomas '84, Mari Aixala '85, Caterina Henriquez de Bern '91, Gioconda Henriquez de Cardoze '92, Aidalis Porras '92, Alexandra Henriquez de Salceda '97, Daniela Heilbron de Moses '03, Carolina Henriquez '03, Analisa Sosa-Henriquez '05, Trustee Teresa Younger, Maribel Heilbron P'03, Graciela Quelquejeu de Chapman P'80, '81, '83, Head of School Meera Viswanathan, Director of Advancement Gretchen Orschiedt, and Director of Alumnae Relations Marion Paterson P'17, '19.

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