Walker's to Offer New Engineering Course
Walker's to Offer New Engineering Course

Beginning second semester, Walker's will offer a new course on Engineering co-taught by physics teacher Dr. Emma Mitchell and computer science teacher Leslie Goff. The course will be 100% hands-on and project-based, and students will immerse themselves in the process of design and engineering, applying these skills to solve real-world challenges. Types of engineering explored through this course may include mechanical, electrical, civil, and environmental.

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"The impetus behind the class is to help our students learn that engineering is a process that will help them work through real-world problems," said Dr. Mitchell. "By the end of the course, our girls will be able to look at a challenge that is facing them and, even if they have no idea how to solve it at first, approach it by saying, 'I know I can tackle this, and now I just need to figure out how.'" The class is intended to be a safe, warm, and fun environment in which our students can explore tactics in hands-on problem solving. "This experience will encourage our girls to consider studying engineering in college knowing that a career path that includes engineering is absolutely an option for them," adds Dr. Mitchell.

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The course will run on Tuesday evenings from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. All work for the course will be done in class, with no homework or written tests. The course will be open to students in the upper school; no background in physics, engineering, or computer science is needed. Enrollment for the second semester will begin shortly after Thanksgiving Break and will be based on an application in which students briefly describe their interest and their current academic and co-curricular commitments.