Winter Athletic Awards Announced
Winter Athletic Awards Announced

Read more for the winter squash, basketball, skiing and swimming awards given to noted players during the winter sports award ceremonies this year. Congratulations to all athletes on a great season!

Varsity Squash

Most Valuable Player: Jocelyn Feliciano '19

Most Improved Player: Ku Paw '22

Coaches' Award: Elisabeth Helmin '19

Varsity Basketball

Most Valuable Player: Hannah Iwaskiewicz '20

Most Improved Player: Erin Corbett '21, Angelica Frigo '20

Coaches' Award: Mariah Dunn '19

NEPSGBCA All-Stars: Mariah Dunn '19, Hannah Iwaskiewicz '20

Junior Varsity Basketball

Most Valuable Player: Cecelia Petrarca '19

Coaches' Award: Sisi Feng '20, Sara Fallon '19

Thirds Basketball

Most Valuable Player: Niya Grizzle '21

Most Improved Player: Sophia Botero '21

Coaches' Award: Stephanie Makowski '19

Varsity Skiing

Most Valuable Player: Anneliese Sonju '21

Most Improved Player: Ava Strohmeyer '21

Coaches' Award: Elise Namnoum '19

All-NEPSAC Class B Alpine Skiing: Anneliese Sonju '21, Elise Namnoum '19

Varsity Swimming

Most Valuable Player: Erin Shanly '19

Most Improved Player: Daniela Ramirez '19

Coaches' Award: Isabel O'Donnell '20

NEPSAC All-Star: Erin Shanly '19

JV Swimming

Coaches' Award: Allison Wall '22